Target Species Fact Sheets

The strategy of early detection & rapid response to eradicate emerging invasive species can "prevent the next Japanese barberry" and reduce future ecological degradation. Our efforts focus on newly emerging species that have yet to invade widely across New Jersey. Widespread invasive species are excluded from CJISST surveys and eradications.

The Central Jersey Invasive Species Strike Team (CJISST) has evaluated the non-native flora of New Jersey to determine target species. The starting point for CJISST's list was the ranking of non-native plants of New Jersey by David Snyder (NJ State Botanist). Selection of each target species is based upon more recent observations and examination of invasive species lists from regional organizations and neighboring states.

The results indicate 30 widespread invasive species, 71 newly emerging invasive species and 100 non-invasive species.

The target species fall into 5 general categories:
  1. Forest Invasives
  2. Invasive Vines
  3. Open Upland Habitat Invasives
  4. Open Wetland Habitat Invasives
  5. Open Water Invasives

The following factsheets are available to download. All seventy-one factsheets will be posted upon completion. The complete list of CJISST target species can be found here

Target Species List:

Select a target species to download the pdf version of individual factsheets:

Group 1 - Forest Invasives

Group 2 - Invasive Vines

Group 3 - Open Upland Habitat Invasives

Group 4 - Open Wetland Habitat Invasives

Group 5 - Open Water Invasives

Widespread invasive species are excluded from CJISST survey efforts, but the following Factsheets for Widespread Invasive Species are available for reference:


2016/2017 Deer Management Program and Public Access Limitations tax incentive program Baldpate Mountain Forest Stewardship Plan