Gardeners have a special connection to nature through their relationships with plants. Similarly, our wildlife species are connected to native plants, which they have co-evolved with. Native plants provide food and shelter essential to their survival.

The Private Land Stewardship Program can help you to:

native plant order form and instructions


The following resources are a starting point for gardeners. Links include Where to Purchase Native Plants, Invasive Species, Recommended Books, and Links to Learn More. You can also visit our page Native Plants for the Hopewell Valley. Please visit The Strawberry Hill Native Plant Garden as an example of a local native plant garden.

Where to Purchase Native Plants

Spring & Fall Native Plant Orders through PLSP:

FoHVOS will coordinate wholesale and discounted retail orders with following nurseries in spring and fall. Please contact us to learn more. Click here for PLSP Native Plant Order Instructions.

Local Retail Nurseries:
The following nurseries offer discounts to PLSP participants who purchase directly from them.

Butterfly Weed
Butterflyweed attracts pollinators and hosts monarch caterpillars

Organizations with Seasonal Sales
Many organizations hold spring and fall native plants sales.

Additional Sources for Native Plants
The following retail and wholesale nurseries are 1.5 hours or more away. FoHVOS will not coordinate orders.

Creating a Landscape with Native Plants

Local Landscape Architects and Designers:

The following landscape architects and designers use native plants in their designs. They offer discounts to PLSP participants who work with them.

  • Land Stewards, LLC offers a $100 voucher for implementation of services beyond initial consultation for PLSP participants.
  • Weatherwood Design, LLC offers a $20 discount off of their initial consulting fee for PLSP participants.

Invasive Species and Gardening

Although the great majority of non-native plants used in the landscape do not cause harm to natural habitats, there are a set of non-native plants that are considered invasive. Invasive species form dense infestations that crowd out native species in our forests and meadows.

Help stop the spread of invasive species and
sign onto our "Landscape Planting Pledge"

Invasive Species

Recommended Books

Turks Cap Lily
Turks Cap Lily, one of our many stunning native wildflowers

Links to Learn More

Private Lands Stewardship Program

beard tongue
Beardtongue, a deer resistant native wildflower


Native Plant Garden

Visit a Native Plant Garden!
Find inspiration and ideas for your native garden.

Native Plant Garden at Baldpate Mountain. The historic gardens at Ted Stiles Preserve at Baldpate Mountain were restored with all native plants, including wildflowers, shrubs, and small trees.

Summer Triangle Native Plant Gardens. Wildflowers, pollinator habitat, and ceramic sculpture - all in one native garden! Summer Triangles are located at nature preserves throughout Hopewell Township, NJ. Follow the link for details.

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